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Join the La Crosse Area Builders Association.

Whether you want to expand your business or give yourself a competitive advantage against the competition, LABA equips you with the tools you need to elevate your company and increase your company’s bottom line.

About LABA

The value of membership in our Association signifies a desire to be an integral part of the local business community and makes a statement of commitment to support our industry.

As like-minded professionals in this association we unite to promote safe, attainable, quality housing through education and interaction. Thank you for doing your part to keep building affordable so all members’ products and services can be used in the industry.

We hope that you find LABA to be a value to your business as well as great fit for you as a member.

Your LABA membership automatically includes membership to the Wisconsin Builders Association (WBA) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Together we represent and provide benefits to your business interests at local, state, and national levels.

More About Us

Member Benefits

Our motto is “Do business with a member.” LABA offers networking and referral opportunities with other member businesses and with the public through events that we sponsor.

Membership Meetings

Our General Membership Meetings (GMMs) are open to all members and are held on the third Tuesday of every month. These meetings are the best opportunity to network with other LABA members, as well as learn about local happenings related to housing and development.

LABA Events

Our annual events are a great place to network with others in your industry or related industries. These events include the Parade of Homes, Home Show, Fall Fling, and Golf Outing.

Event Volunteering & Committees

Most of our events (public or member-only) are run by volunteers from our organization. To help organize these events and learn about volunteer opportunities, join one of our Event Committees. (Ex: Parade of Homes, Home Show, and Building Careers Committees)

Advertise to the Public

Advertise to Members

  • Monthly Newsletter Advertising
  • Volunteer for special projects
  • Listing in our membership directory
  • Sponsor membership meetings & special events (GMMs, Fall Fling, Cabin Fever)
  • Membership mailing labels for direct mail pieces

Questions about advertising opportunities?

Contact us at

Explore More Discounts at the state (WBA) and national level (NAHB).

  • FREE Legal Advice: WBA Attorneys (Member Hotline)
  • Use FREE legally vetted and regularly updated construction and remodeling contracts and forms are free to use by our members. (Contracts & Forms)
  • NAHB’s Legal Education Seminars
  • 20% OFF sales tax audit insurance, onsite visits, free webinars and sales tax audit defense, along with sales and tax audits to identify risks, errors and overpayments. (Sales & Tax Advising)

LABA Events

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Builder members of LABA include developers, small, moderate, and large volume homebuilders and remodelers, as well as multi-family or light commercial builders and remodelers.

Membership Cost: $575


Associate members represent a broad spectrum of professions – subcontractors, wholesale dealers, suppliers, etc. Association members provide products and services related to the building industry such as flooring, heating, appliances, landscaping, kitchen design, furniture, interior design and much more.

Membership Cost:  $575


Affiliate members are partners, employees, or spouses of existing LABA members who want the benefits of membership. They receive LABA publications, services and are treated as members except they do not have voting rights in the association.

Membership Cost: $95


Meet Other Members

Required of New Members:

Pass Background Check

Before final membership approval, we check Wisconsin Circuit Courts records. If there are any suspicious records, you may be denied membership with LABA.

Provide Appropriate Certifications

Members are required to provide a Certificate of General Liability Insurance. Builders are also required to provide their Contractors License and Dwelling Contractor License information.

Pass Final Approval

Once the above steps have been completed, your membership application and any related information will go through our Board of Directors for final approval.

Why Join LABA?

Three-in-One Membership

You are not only a member of the La Crosse Area Builders Association (LABA), but also the Wisconsin Builders Association (WBA), and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). This means you gain access to many money-saving discounts and benefits from all three organizations.

Visit and to review your additional member benefits from these organizations.  LEARN MORE

Increase Your Credibility

All LABA members are automatically added to our Online Member Directory, which means your company will be visible to anyone from the general public who is looking for assistance within your appropriate category of business. Because of this, you may occasionally receive job leads from those in the area seeking your assistance.

LABA uses the media to inform, educate, and promote credible practices and companies in the regional building industry.

We strive to promote a positive image of the building industry through community service projects, technical college scholarships and grants to area high schools’ building-related programs.

Expand Your Business 

LABA has the resources to develop and promote activities that affect your bottom line. Utilize the targeted groups we attract by taking advantage of our advertising opportunities and exposure to potential customers through special events such as the Parade of Homes and the Onalaska Home Show.

Access to Industry Insights

Members can obtain access to local, state and national issues, statistics, and trends not readily available to non-members. This includes Rules & Regulations, Environment Overviews, Lobbying, Statistics, Industry & Consumer Trends, and Sample Contracts, Change Orders, Spec Sheets, etc.

Information is available through our monthly meeting speakers, local, state and national publications, and through our member-discounted publications at

Get the Most Out of Your Membership

Remember: The value of your membership will depend on how active you are within the organization. The first 3 months of your membership is the best time to start getting involved.

  1. Take advantage of exclusive member discounts. This includes discounts on booth space at our annual Home Show and Parade of Homes participation, as well WBA and NAHB and LABA member-to-member discounts. (Visit and to review your additional member benefits.)
  2. Make a difference by joining a committee. Committees are the driving force behind the Association, making sure that things get done! This is truly one of the easiest and most fun ways to network with other members. (Committees: Building Careers, Finance, Government Affairs, Home Show, Marketing Membership & Education, and Parade of Homes) Let the LABA office know if you’re interested in joining a committee.
  3. Promote your business through sponsorship opportunities. Visit to view all available sponsorship opportunities and prices.
  4. Attend our monthly meetings. Our monthly General Membership Meetings are open to all members and are wonderful networking opportunities, so take time to make new connections while there. You may also bring guests to any of these meetings (for an additional nominal cost).
  5. Access Member Zone to promote your business. This can be done by logging into Member Zone and linking your contact information, videos, photos, social media, and website to our directory. We are happy to guide you through this easy process!
  6. Read The Floorplan, our monthly newsletter. This digital newsletter will introduce you to, and keep you informed of, current LABA activities, upcoming events, and valuable industry information.
  7. Provide education and support to the future generations of our workforce. This can be done through participation in our Building Careers/Tools for Schools programs, such as through the Building Careers committee.
  8. Participate or volunteer at our public events. Annual events such as the Golf Outing, the Parade of Homes, and the Home Show are always in need of volunteers. You are welcome to volunteer with your co-workers, even if they are not LABA members.
  9. Attend LABA social events. These member events are purely for fun and provide great networking opportunities. This includes the following annual events: Cabin Fever Fun-Raiser for Building Careers (features live music), family night at the Loggers game, the LABA Golf Outing, Fall Fling, Associate Appreciation night, and our Christmas Party.


To learn more about becoming a member, call (608) 781-5242 or email us.

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