Why Call Us First?

Yes, we want you to use our members. But for a very good reason.

First and foremost we check that our members are licensed (if applicable) and insured. Our members are required to sign a code of ethics and follow them.

Our Members receive access to:

  • Industry and consumer trends
  • New building technology
  • Innovative financing plans
  • Changes in state and local building codes and ordinances
  • Ongoing education that keeps them professional
  • Environmental regulations

We want to ensure they have the ability to keep up with the industry changes. A company that plans to line up jobs, take the money and disappear will not take the time to join a builders association.

Look For This Sticker!

We keep on record that our member contractors, electricians and plumbers have the required license to practice in Wisconsin. You should be comfortable and sure of the professionals you hire.

We Are A Resource For You!

Use A Members

Our Members

  • Have high ethical and professional standards
  • Are committed to meet or exceed the minimum standards of the industry as defined by state and local codes.

-Member companies must abide by the bylaws and code of ethics of LABA.
-Members must conduct themselves in a professional and ethical manner.
-We have the right as an association to expel members who violate our bylaws and code of ethics.
-LABA makes sure the prospective member is a legitimate company.

Companies with:

  • Open tax warrants
  • Expired or no license required for their trade
  • Insurance that is not current
  • Convictions for recent building related crimes
    …will not be accepted as members.

Phone Numbers To Help You


Wisconsin Department of Labor & Industry
Tel: (608)266-9850  

Enforcement Division
Tel: (608)266-1221

Unclaimed Property Division
Tel: (608)267-7977
or Toll Free (877) 699-9211

Energy Information Center
Tel: (608)266-5481

La Crosse Area Chamber of Commerce

City Hall – Onalaska

City Hall – La Crosse

La Crosse County Landfill

Links To Help You

Wisconsin Builders Association

Water Run Off information in La Crosse

Building Contractors License Look-up


Wisconsin Consumer Information

Building Permit Information for New Homes:

Why Build a New Home?:

Construction Industry Quality Standards:

Construction Terms:

Diggers Hotline:

Contruction Defects Dispute Resolution:

Lead Safety:

Weatherization Assistance Program:

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