Our 47th Year

The Mission:

  • Member builders can show off their talent and speak with attendees in person.
  • The public can see what is current in the market for housing and design, showcasing the work of our associate members.
  • We raise money so the association can advocate for the building industry and help our builders offer safe and affordable housing. We can also continue the philanthropic side of the association (Building Careers/Tools for Schools, Western Technical College scholarships, etc.)



We are excited to offer 7 homes for your in-person review. 1 additional home will be available to view online. We thank the homeowners for allowing us to enter their homes to view their beautiful construction and design.

Contracts due May 17th, 2023


In-Person Tours August 17-20, 2023
Ticket Pricing 
$10 pre-sale/at door


  • Limited to children 16 and older. Please do not bring children under 16 to the homes.  Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Visit as many of the Parade Homes as you wish – you are allowed to visit each home once. Your ticket will be punched at each home. You will also receive a BONUS look so you can go back and view one home a second time.

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